Some families keep their entire histories in a single battered photo album, so kudos to Arthur Humberstone, a prolific home movie-maker, whose 1960s and 1970s films of twin sons Nigel and Klive form the bedrock of this affecting record. Over four decades, the Sheffield brothers have produced prodigious quantities of music, but perhaps none quite so personal as this.

No time for introspection, though. It’s a big sound. Epic. Brassy horns, orchestral swells, pounding drums. The opener, ‘Émigré (The Dressmaker)’, is a rousing homage to the 19th century Humberstones who drowned sailing to a new life in New Zealand. ‘Suvla Bay (The Cavalryman)’ is a cello lament for a great uncle who served at Gallipoli. ‘Mallards (The Storyteller)’ combines lilting piano with hissy recordings of their late mother’s bedtime stories, and ‘Ektachrome (The Animator)’ is a Floyd-like love letter to Arthur, whose accompanying video – comprising those glorious 8mm home movies – will melt the flintiest of hearts. Bold and beautiful, it’s a family album of impressive ambition.

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