Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval reveals the first and last albums she bought and the one she always turns to in an emergency


‘The Madman’s Return’
(Logic, 1992)

“I don’t remember exactly… but I do remember I went to the local record store with my dad and bought this. I think he wanted me to get something slightly cooler, like Bel Canto’s ‘Shimmering Warm And Bright’, but I’d made up my mind. I was lucky growing up, my dad bought so much music, I just absorbed it. There’s two of his records that still mean a lot to me, Björk’s ‘Debut’ and Sophie B Hawkins’ ‘Tongues And Tails’.”


Maria Minerva
‘Soft Power’
(100% Silk, 2020)

“I haven’t listened to it yet, because I only bought it this afternoon, but she is great. I was hoping to meet her last year when I was going to tour in the US, along with a bunch of other people I had dreamt of meeting. But it was, of course, all cancelled. I also bought Cassandra Jenkins’ new album, ‘An Overview on Phenomenal Nature’. ‘Hard Drive’ is one of the best songs I have heard in a million years. ”


Ted GÄrdestad
(Polar Music, 1973)

“What kind of person only has one favourite record? What is a ‘favourite’? I know this is just a standard question, but it gets me confused every time, like I’m on an awkward date. If someone on a date told me they only had one favourite album, I would have run away! I will mention ‘Ted’ by Ted Gärdestad, it’s not my favourite, but it’s the last record I listened to on repeat. It was a striking moment, and I live for those. ”

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