Tempers are New York duo Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, and ‘New Meaning’ is their third album of moody electronic pop. It’s the sound of concrete under sodium light, a gothic disco in an abandoned subterranean shopping precinct.

Golestaneh’s seductive voice is emptied of daylight, nocturnal to the core. The reverb it comes swathed in is like an internal conversation taking place, while the music is all ‘Fade To Grey’ synth vibes and chiming Cocteaus guitar. It’s a complete package – somnambulant, mysterious and brilliantly executed.

‘Nightwalking’, the opening track, encapsulates their sound perfectly, while the brisk machine drumming and twinkling digital keys of ‘Unfamiliar’ is as upbeat as they get, like a ghostly a-ha. The stand-out track is the wonderfully melancholic ‘Secrets And Lies’, its looping melodies mirroring its protagonist’s compulsive patterns of behaviour. There’s a formula at work here, but it’s a bloody good one.

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