Roger Eno ‘The Turning Year’ (Deutsche Grammophon)

The Turning Year’ finds composer and pianist Roger Eno at his most emotionally devastating. While it’s easy to imagine gazing out upon the pastoral setting in which Eno composes, the resonance of these pieces is universal. The sentiment is not necessarily regretful, but realistic, offering a perspective on life’s unalterable journey.

On ‘A Place We Once Walked’, we notice that a ruminative piano melody has become momentarily uncertain. Should we feel joy or sadness? Or, in the constant upheaval of our lives, will we be forever caught between both?

On ‘Innocence’ and on the title track, Eno is at his most affecting. Despite these tracks being freighted with a hopeful, uplifting quality, there is a brutal plaintiveness, like alighting upon a book inscription you wrote to your children and realising how much time has slipped away. To create an album that can leave you as subtly altered as ‘The Turning Year’ is a testament to Eno’s extraordinary compositional gift.

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