Whether you’re revisiting Penguin Cafe’s 2011 album or encountering it for the first time, it’s impossible not be charmed by this 10th anniversary reissue. Penguin Cafe were formed by Arthur Jeffes, son of Simon Jeffes and Emily Young, as a continuation of his late father’s avant-pop project, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. From the outset, the buoyant piano and stirring strings of ‘That, Not That’ mark this as an emotive journey, as Arthur Jeffes’ explorative ensemble tug at heartstrings with their unique folktronica-meets-classical sound.

The rhythmic undulations of the beautiful ‘Sundog’ are cheerful enough to wrest a smile from the dourest of souls, while ‘The Fox And The Leopard’ twinkles with ukulele flourishes that Marie Kondo would certainly agree spark joy. On the more moody ‘Finland’ and ‘Coriolis’, Penguin Cafe’s expansive palette of instruments paint soundscapes that are contemplative but never maudlin. But the jewel in the crown is ‘Harry Piers’, a brand-new recording of the song Arthur wrote for his father, that manages in its touching piano-driven melody to capture the rousing spirit of both PCO and Penguin Cafe.

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