Oksana Linde ‘Aquatic And Other Worlds’ (Buh)

The Venezuelan Delia Derbyshire, anyone? That’s the buzz, but this collection of joyous 1980s recordings has more in common with the work of melodic Moog-ticklers like Wendy Carlos or Isao Tomita. Born in Caracas to a Ukrainian family, Linde gave up her day job in 1981 and devoted herself to electronic composition with a borrowed Polymoog and a reel-to-reel recorder. And blimey, she made some great stuff. ‘Viaje Hacia La Luz’ is a monolithic slab of anthemic devotions. ’Playa Caribe’ is a lesson in gentle grooviness, a carefree evocation of sun-baked island paradise.

Only one track here has enjoyed any kind of previous release – ‘Mariposas Acuáticas’, a playful homage to Latin butterflies, appeared on a long-lost 1985 French compilation. This is the first-ever commercial collection of her recordings, and – at the age of 74 – she deserves heartfelt appreciation for music that positively teems with ebullience. Pour a glass of pop, skip straight to ‘Psicocatálisis’ and crack a bloody smile. It’s nearly summer.

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