Since emerging in 2005, Colombian musician and singer Lucrecia Dalt has become increasingly left-field with each release. A counterintuitive approach to garnering more attention, and yet here we are. 2018’s ‘Anticlines’ and 2020’s ‘No Era Sólida’ explored the spooky netherworld of electronic sound, while her 2021 collaboration ‘Lucy & Aaron’ with loop-centric Wolf Eyes alumnus Aaron Dilloway was anything but.

For her latest release, Dalt soundtracks Sam Walker’s 2021 sci-fi horror flick ‘The Seed’, about three social media influencers who are gifted an ugly extraterrestrial by a passing meteor shower. She does a fine job describing and accompanying the narrative action on ‘Blob Lands’, while more figuratively titled tracks like ‘Meat Carpet’ and ‘Liminal Ménage À Trois’ are as tantalisingly offbeat as their titles.

Dalt has gone to great lengths to provide original music for 26 different scenes in all, and while the film has received mixed reviews, her score is far more likely to grow on you. JA

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