Kikagaku Moyo ‘Kumoya Island’ (Guruguru Brain)

Mixed emotions will be felt by admirers of these compelling electro-hippies. After announcing the release of this album and its accompanying tour, the Tokyo five-piece also confirmed that ‘Kumoya Island’ would be their final release. They’ve built a devoted following since the release of their self-titled 2013 debut, channelling lysergic, late-1960s hues, prog, classic Turkish psych, 1970s pastoral kosmiche, 1990s baggy (think Stone Roses and Ride) and an exotic, unhurried beatitude that’s entirely their own.

‘Kumoya Island’ takes its time to lure us into its mesmerising grasp, but a few tracks in and we’re suddenly enveloped by the standout ‘Meu Mar’, a warmly seductive, melodic and beguiling beauty that unexpectedly builds to a stupefying crescendo.

Further on, the bass-driven, ambient-tropical ‘Daydream Soda’ dazzles, before the evocative closer ‘Maison Silk Road’ waves an enigmatic goodbye as the band disappear into the shimmering sunset haze for the final time.

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