Kenneth James Gibson ‘Groundskeeping’ (Meadows Heavy Recorders)

This veteran noise rocker’s fourth album was recorded in a secluded cabin in the hippy hideout Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains. That impressive landscape lives in every moment here.

Mellow cellos, fuzzed via shortwave radio, seem to rise from deep valleys. Glaciers of frozen electronic frequencies navigate skrees of glorious classical ambience. The sporadic slide guitar on the elegiac ‘David’s Pass’ conjures a western, caught in the wind.

Gibson’s scuffed piano is back too, its naive melodies a highlight of 2018’s ‘In The Fields Of Nothing’. This time it stars on ‘A Snowy Year In The Meadows Heavy’, the title a tribute to Gibson’s new label, Meadows Heavy Recorders. On this highlight track, the piano dallies with airy strings courtesy of Julie Carpenter, violinist for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the instruments intertwine into a memorably resolute climax. All with cabin-sized acoustics, literally. A hut in the hills has never sounded so good.

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