Johnny Woods  ‘Pavilions’ (Behind The Sky)

Describing ‘Pavilions’ as a piece of “eco-futurism”, New Mexico-based Johnny Woods takes the new worlds he created on previous release ‘Terraforms’ and fills them with sleek, modernist structures and the low chatter and bleeps of the machines that might populate them.

Built around a synthetic beat that is closer to the reassuring pulse of some helpful futuristic technology than the fleshy pound of a human heart, ‘Lenticular Hall’ sets a new age tone that is expanded and elaborated upon throughout the record. But while the sound is calculated and precise, it’s not devoid of emotion. In fact, his clean, synthetic textures are often reminiscent of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s ‘The Mosaic Of Transformation’, sharing a similar balance between meditative warmth and electronic functionality. The highlight is ‘World Of Motion’, which could easily serve as the loading music for when one of the pavilions in Woods’ eco-futurist soundscape needs to upgrade itself. 

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