Multiversum’ sounds like a ‘Spider-Man’ film translated into Latin. But despite being named after a tenor saxophone, Jimi Tenor has never been that niche. The jazz flows freely on this expansive new work for Bureau B, with the spaced-out lounge and top-buttoned electro jams we’ve come to expect from everyone’s favourite Finnish flute fiddler.

Each track is painted in wide, tasty arcs of melody – think Jackson Pollock ketchupping a hotdog. Tenor’s pared-down set-up means his instrument is ever more present, cruising the notes with giddy abandon.

Despite the freeform style, the percussion is notably machine-driven. This means oodles of laser-fired drum fills and skittering woodpecker funk. The radiophonic bubbles on ‘Bad Trip Good’ are a joy. And, of course, we have his slightly sleazy vocals, extolling the virtues of skinny dipping on ‘Birthday Magic’ and hedonism on the super-catchy ‘Life Hugger’. Boy’s got a twinkle in his eye and we love him for it.

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