Hiroki Takahashi ‘Paleozoic’ (Dauw)

If the fractured state of the world is making you weary, ‘Paleozoic’ is the perfect antidote to all that stress and uncertainty. Producer Hiroki Takahashi – who has previously made music as part of the Japanese live electronic trio, Atoris – takes inspiration from the flourishing evolutionary stages of the Paleozoic era on this solo effort, and his graceful compositions reflect the wonder and promise of that prehistoric period on Earth when plants and reptiles began moving from the sea to the land.

The soothing chimes and glittering electronic reverberations of opener ‘Drift’ are a balm for the soul, while ‘Lagoon’ similarly feels like a sound bath, full of gently bubbling notes and shimmering synth work. ‘Shadows’ takes a more subdued and contemplative turn, and closing track ‘Fluctuation’ sweeps and yearns as if mirroring the climax of Paleozoic times, which ended with the greatest extinction event in Earth’s history. Our world may be in constant flux, but Takahashi urges us to hear the beauty within the circle of life.

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