Between 1974 and 1978, Richard Pinhas pioneered new possibilities in sound with his band Heldon, fusing nascent electronic music with experimental space rock that often veered into free jazz. The Frenchman’s place in the pantheon is assured, if Pinhas’ collaborations are anything to go by, recording with everyone from French philosopher Gilles Deleuze to Japanese noise legend Merzbow.

With ‘Antelast’, he delivers what might be Heldon’s final album, a startling facsimile of the French band’s imperial phase, when Pinhas took the studio roof off with the help of keyboardist Patrick Gauthier and drummer François Auger.

‘Antelast One’ is built in the image of 1977’s ‘Interface’ which, to use an aphorism beloved of 1990s’ music journalists, sounds like a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs. With Arthur Nancy and Florian Tatard along for the ride, Pinhas takes us on a bumpy yet euphoric trip one last time, with ‘Antelast Three’ personifying the same live studio magic that ‘Un Rêve Sans Conséquence Spéciale’ captured way back in 1976. JA

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