Often when a track is built around swathes of samples and snippets of found sound, it can create an evocative sense of place, but tells the listener little about the artist moving through it. On ‘Everything Perfect Is Already Here’, Texan musician Claire Rousay opts for stillness. The sounds feel as though they are occurring around her and, as they wash into waves of violin and synths, it conjures a kind of emotional synaesthesia, merging the feeling of these instrumental arrangements into the ambient clutter of the room.

‘Everything Perfect…’ comprises two long-form sonic collages. ‘It Feels Foolish To Care’ begins with halting speech, like the embers of a conversation drowned out by bittersweet piano and strings, while the title track presents a piece of dialogue captured intact but quiet, as though Rousay is recording it outside her window. Rather than diminishing the intimacy, it is magnified, matched by the poignancy of the delicate electronics which surround it.

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