Automatic Music Vol 1’ reunites Germany’s Burnt Friedman and Portugal’s João Pais Filipe, purveyors of distinctive electronics and complex polyrhythms. Since their first collaboration in 2019, the dextrous Filipe has slotted into the chasm left behind by Friedman’s former muse, Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit. Since then, the pair have produced a series of releases that highlight how symbiotic their connection is.

Friedman is a musician who respects the significance of rhythm, unobtrusively weaving his sounds and effects through and around Filipe’s percussive workouts. On opening track ‘21-130’, Friedman’s role is one of extreme subtlety until the extended fade, where you hear him stepping out from behind Filipe’s joyous African/Latin beats.

His presence is more obviously felt on the effervescent ‘18-140’, layering urgent acid flourishes, backward sounds and vocal textures around energetic percussion. These are tracks that evolve gently, never sitting still for long, commanding the listener’s full attention.

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