Andy Fosberry ‘Celebrate The Life’ (3rd & Debut)

“I wanted to make something positive,” claims Hampshire beats maestro Andy Fosberry. “Music that looked forward to summer, or had nostalgia for warmer days.” But while it may have a lighter touch than some of his more intense horror soundtracks, ‘Celebrate The Life’ isn’t quite the full S Club 7.

The opening track, ‘Your Tapestry’, combines skittish beats with sinister ambient swirls, and even the hallucinogenic bleeps of ‘The Sun Outside’ suggest something nasty lurking in the trees behind the picnic site. You know those broken afternoon naps with the telly burbling away? It’s a bit like those.

‘It’s All Only A Dream, Get Up’ has layers of manipulated harmonies, descending softly into rhythmic, half-conscious breathing. ‘Intentions’ is the theme tune of the dedicated daytime dozer, all playful rhythms and whispered synth lines. And ‘A Way Home’ even adds gloriously incongruous guitar lines and a murmured vocal. “Is that how it is? / It’s kind of rough / The deep stuff will find its own way home”. All told, it’s a splendidly warm-hearted album that gently stretches towards tantalising sunshine.

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