New Underworld track announced – ltd 1,000 12"

Underworld have just announced the release of a limited edition 12-inch single of a new track to commemorate Frankie Knuckles, to be released on March 31st, the one-year anniversary of his passing. The release is raising money for the Frankie Knuckles Fund, which is part of Elton John’s AIDS Foundation.
The record, a collaboration with Heller & Farley, is a cover version of the Chicago classic ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ and is available for pre-order from 13:00 GMT, February 12th (that’s today) here:
You can hear the track streaming over at the AIDS Foundation website here:
Frankie Knuckles had a huge influence on house music, and on a great deal of electronic music beyond house of the late 1980s and 1990s. “As the creator of house music we owe Frankie a huge debt,” says Underworld’s Rick Smith, “Karl and I have always seen Frankie as the source and, as Underworld, we’re always swimming in his river.”
“My relationship with Frankie goes back a long way,” says Terry Farley, of Junior Boys Own. “Twenty-five years ago, Frankie championed the early music Pete Heller and I made and many of the first releases on Junior Boys Own. He helped turn a group of suburban London music fans into DJs and producers who could travel the world, simply by his patronage.”
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