Martin Hannett's ARP Odyssey for sale!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Korg ARP Odyssey reboot, maybe you’d like to investigate the alternatives currently on the market. Those alternatives are exclusively second-hand vintage models, of course.
But here’s one that might just push the avid synth collector and 1970s music fan over the edge. It’s the whiteface (first) model, the one with the cute multi-coloured slider caps, and it belonged to Martin Hannett, the much-missed Manchester-based producer who made his name with his work with Joy Division and New Order. The story goes that while researching the film of his life, the film producers found a cache of his gear, and it’s being sold off via eBay.
The price is a relatively reasonable £3100, But It Now. That’s about £1000 more than you can pick up a pretty tidy model, or what a near mint refurbished model might set you back, but those won’t have that sticker on the back.
Let us know if you buy it…
It’s here.

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