Kraftwerk and Devo Knitwear?

We all love jumpers, right? And we all love electronic music, too. Imagine if those two things could be combined somehow. Wouldn’t that be just peachy? Well, it just so happens that someone is ahead of us, and they’ve made what might be the perfect knitwear for the electronic music fan.

Computer Woolled (Yes, we know it’s the wrong album, but we couldn’t think of a better pun)

Wool Sakamoto (woolsack… geddit? Oh forget it…)

Buddy Horinouchi, aka Tatsuya Horinouchi, from Kanagawa, Japan, is a knitting artist. Actually, he’s a guy who knits amazing jumpers. He doesn’t call himself an artist, but we do.
He’s knitted creations featuring Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra, as well as Japanese icons like Yasushi Yokoyama (a famous comedian, he’s the face with the glasses on the red jumper) and the notorious 1968 bank robber who disguised himself as a policeman and got away with three hundred million yen (£1.6 million). The image has been distributed around Japan ever since and is well-known, but he was never caught.
The video was shot at an event at a hairdressing salon in Fukuoka, where he was invited to show off his work. The jumpers aren’t, unfortunately, for sale, but he did knit some coasters to give away at the event, including the cute Devo one and the cover to CD1, the 1986 Throbbing Gristle album.
We know you want them. We feel your pain. You can’t have them.
Are We Knit Men?

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 13.01.40
There’s that Throbbing Gristle coaster

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