Devo Hardcore Live talk

Devo’s ‘Hardcore Devo Live!’ Album is out about now. People who pledged on the campaign are starting to receive their packages of signed double vinyls, blu-rays and CDs and the like, and the CD and DVDs are on general sale too.
It was the tour that all hardcore fans wanted to see, the one where they didn’t play ‘Whip It’, but pulled out the weirdest of the weird; the songs they wrote in Akron basements before they were signed to Warners and Virgin. Out of the spotlight and isolated from the hip cultural centres of New York and Los Angeles, they churned out song after song of twisted mutant Devolution, most of which didn’t see the light of day until the cache of demo tapes was buffed up and got a limited release on Rykodisc in the early 1990s, a time when Devo’s stock was at its nadir.
The 2014 Hardcore tour was planned and ready to go when Devo founding member Bob Casale, aka Bob 2, suddenly died. Despite this bombshell the band decided to play the scheduled dates, dedicating the tour to their fallen brother and donating money to his bereaved family.
The tour was a raging success, solidly sold out and delighted audiences across the USA. A few weeks ago, the band premiered the film at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and took to the stage for an extended Q&A. Also there to answer questions were the film’s director and producer, Keirda Bahruth and producer/editor, Rick Ballard. The video was shot by Devotee Mrslapyourmammy.
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